Tissue Box Holder

Home to your tissues.

Discover the natural leather tissue box and mask holders proposed by Lucrin. There are two main models available: Square and Rectangular. Our leather holders are suitable for standard-size tissue boxes on the market. They are ideal for offices, hotels or even home uses, as it brings a subtle touch of elegance to your interior decoration. Lucrin also proposes handkerchief holders in premium leather, which can slid easily in your bag.

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    100 ml refillable hand sanitiser bottle

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    As low as HK$319.00 HKD
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    Face Mask Pouch

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    As low as HK$639.00 HKD
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    Mask and Sanitiser Kit

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    As low as HK$859.00 HKD
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    Tissues pouch

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    As low as HK$429.00 HKD
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    Soft tissue pouch

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    As low as HK$749.00 HKD
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    Square Tissue Box Cover

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    As low as HK$1,800.00 HKD
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    Tissue box cover

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    As low as HK$1,650.00 HKD
    Regular Price HK$2,200.00 HKD