Travel Bag

Upgrade to first class.

Each trip has its own bag - this is a regular practice of many. Relative to the amount of time you are travelling, Lucrin proposes different bags to fit your change of clothes. Light but solid, designed for business trips or holiday travels, this collection will please everybody, even the most sophisticated ones, especially thanks to the materials used for this type of product. This collection is totally customisable as we are well aware that a travel bag can definitely turn out to be the first-hand witness of your most memorable moments.

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  1. LO1000-7
  2. Weekender
  3. Travel briefcase
    Travel briefcase
  4. Holdall
  5. Shirt case
    Shirt case
  6. Ties and cuff links holder
    Ties and cuff links holder
  7. Travel shoe-horn
    Travel shoe-horn
  8. Four-leaf Clover Lucky Charm
    Four-leaf Clover Lucky Charm
  9. Cornicello Lucky Charm
    Cornicello Lucky Charm
  10. Maneki-neko Lucky Charm
    Maneki-neko Lucky Charm
  11. The Hamsa Lucky Charm
    The Hamsa Lucky Charm
  12. Horseshoe Lucky Charm
    Horseshoe Lucky Charm
  13. Large shoe-horn
    Large shoe-horn
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13 Items

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