iPod & AirPods case

For the love of music.

Phone cases hold no secrets for us, and we can say the same for the Apple's HomePod / iPods and AirPods. Small but elegant - that is what we have achieved with our selection of pouches for Apple's music-focused devices. By further customising the iPod and AirPods leather case, you can end up creating one that is absolutely gorgeous and uniquely yours. The authentic leather ensures the protection of your iPod and AirPods against scratches and dust, while the microfibre lining ensures the surface remains smudge free.

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  1. Smooth Leather
  2. Granulated Leather
  3. Goat Leather
  4. Crocodile style calfskin
  5. Vegetable Tanned Leather
  1. Black
  2. Dark Brown
  3. Navy Blue
  4. Burgundy
  5. Mouse-Grey
  6. Dark Taupe
  7. Light Taupe
  8. Royal Blue
  9. Turquoise
  10. Dark Green
  11. Light Green
  12. Tan
  13. Orange
  14. Red
  15. Fuchsia
  16. Pink
  17. Beige
  18. Off-White
  19. White
  20. Natural
  21. Saffron
  22. Lemon Yellow
  23. Purple
  24. Sky Blue
  25. Camel
  26. Navy Blue-Burgundy
  27. Mocha
  28. Fuchsia-Orange
  29. Pink-Dark Taupe
  30. Off-White-Mouse-Grey
  31. Sun Yellow
  32. Saffron-Dark Taupe
  1. Coaster for homepod
    Coaster for homepod
  2. AirPods case
    AirPods case
  3. iPod Nano pouch
    iPod Nano pouch
  4. iPod Classic case
    iPod Classic case
  5. ET2047_VCLS_001_BLR.jpg
  6. Earphone pouch
    Earphone pouch
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