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Working with other companies has always been part of who we are as a business - it's how we started, and they were our first customers. Since our earliest days we have always been eager to respond to your needs and adapt to your expectations. We have a traditional large-scale customization package that’s tailored to your corporate image, as well as original made-to-measure products. Whether you require a one-off or a series of thousands, we are here to make your project a reality.

Our Most Popular B2B Products

  • Production series of designs in our catalog engraved with your logo and/or
  • Versions of our existing products customized in your company's corporate colours/logo
  • Customization of products to reflect a specific aspect of your business that is unique to your company

If this offer corresponds to your requirements, there are over 500 designs in our catalogue that can help you project your corporate image to the wider world. Feel free to get in touch with us.

An All-Inclusive Offer

  • Design based on your creative brief.
  • A fixed cost for the creation of the prototype, regardless of the number of copies desired.
  • Fast production turnaround times on our own production line.
  • Worldwide delivery with customs and transportation fees paid.

Individual Packaging Option

You can receive your items in special packaging. Contact us for details, terms and conditions.

A few ideas

To help you choose, we put together a selection of gorgeous leather products which is frequently sought by our corporate customers