Who we are
  • Luxury Swiss Brand for nearly 25 years, Lucrin Geneva creates with passion your customized leather goods in its own workshops.

  • We believe in simple, refined and timeless products, in respect with what we have always been using: full grain authentic leather.

  • The "Lucrin Life Style": Our products are your creations! The first ever website Luxury Leather Goods that are 100% customizable according to your tastes (colours, leathers, thread, initials,...)

What we do
What we propose

A whopping 100 combinations of leather & colour

  • Smooth Leather
    Tan Smooth Leather Tan
    Red Smooth Leather Red
    Orange Smooth Leather Orange
    Light Taupe Smooth Leather Light Taupe
    Mouse-Grey Smooth Leather Mouse-Grey
    Brown Smooth Leather Brown
    Black Smooth Leather Black
    Natural Smooth Leather Natural
    Royal Blue Smooth Leather Royal Blue
    Navy Blue Smooth Leather Navy Blue
  • Granulated Leather
    Black Granulated Leather Black
    Royal Blue Granulated Leather Royal Blue
    Red Granulated Leather Red
    Brown Granulated Leather Brown
    Mouse-Grey Granulated Leather Mouse-Grey
    Orange Granulated Leather Orange
    Dark Taupe Granulated Leather Dark Taupe
    Navy Blue Granulated Leather Navy Blue
    Tan Granulated Leather Tan
    Light Taupe Granulated Leather Light Taupe
  • Crocodile style calfskin
    Royal Blue Crocodile style calfskin Royal Blue
    Tan Crocodile style calfskin Tan
    Fuchsia Crocodile style calfskin Fuchsia
    Brown Crocodile style calfskin Brown
    Black Crocodile style calfskin Black
    Light Green Crocodile style calfskin Light Green
  • Real Ostrich Leather
    Brown Real Ostrich Leather Brown
    Turquoise Real Ostrich Leather Turquoise
    Black Real Ostrich Leather Black
    Tan Real Ostrich Leather Tan
    Beige Real Ostrich Leather Beige
    Fuchsia Real Ostrich Leather Fuchsia
    Purple Real Ostrich Leather Purple
    Red Real Ostrich Leather Red
    Orange Real Ostrich Leather Orange
  • Goat Leather
    Tobacco Goat Leather Tobacco
    Brown Goat Leather Brown
    Navy Blue Goat Leather Navy Blue
    Dark Taupe Goat Leather Dark Taupe
    Black Goat Leather Black
    Light Green Goat Leather Light Green
    Tan Goat Leather Tan
    Turquoise Goat Leather Turquoise
    Royal Blue Goat Leather Royal Blue
    Natural Goat Leather Natural
Your design. Custom-made.
Corporate offer
Experience customisation at its best

We create products based on your corporate identity