MacBook Air Cases

Protective leather cases for MacBook Air 13" M1 / M2 & 15" M2

Discover a high-quality collection of 13 and 15 inch MacBook Air M1 / M2 leather cases that combine protection, functionality and elegance. Handcrafted in luxury leather and with premium microfiber lining, these covers will protect your Macbook from everyday wear and tear. LUCRIN Geneva's leather sleeves fit snugly and are lightweight - making them perfect to slide in bags or briefcases. For those seeking extra security, the zipped pouch and envelope pouch for MacBook Air M1 / M2 with a padded interior is perfect. Our newest carrying case is an even more practical option! This laptop bag is the ideal accessory to gather and carry all your tech gear, from your 13" M1 / M2 & 15" M2 MacBook Air to your mouse, in one place. Curate your own custom MacBook Air case and sleeves from a vibrant palette of colours and several leather types. Monogram your name or initials for an extra touch of elegance!

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