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For Ties and Cufflinks

  1. Lucrin puts forward an attractive line of ties and cufflinks holders which are both practical and elegant. You can easily carry those in your bag or luggage when you are travelling and you can be rest assured that your ties and cufflinks will be kept clean and tidy. Thanks to the high quality leather and impeccable finishing work of the Lucrin leather artisans, your tie will stay as new without the risk of it getting dirty or damaged. You have two main models to choose from: one with a zip closure and another tie holder with a magnetic catch. In both models, the tie is held by a leather loop and the interior is made of fine microfiber material. The cufflinks leather box and the ties holder are both customisation-friendly. You can choose to add the engraving of your initials or even the logo of your company.

  2. Tie holder and cuff links

    Tie holder and cuff links BG1044

    Tie holder and cuff links Elegant and functional Tie holders and cuff links Protect your ties perfectly during your travels. You can carry 4 ties (2 o.. Learn More
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  3. Tie holder

    Tie holder BG1078

    Lucrin leather Tie holder Elegant and functional, protect your ties perfectly during your travels. This tie holder allows you to carry 4 ties simultan.. Learn More
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  4. Tie holder with magnetic catch

    Tie holder with magnetic catch FR1008

    Tie holder made of full grain leather, enabling you to store away 4 ties without creasing them. They are held by 4 loops that are attached with press .. Learn More
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  5. Luxury cufflinks box

    Luxury cufflinks box HB1032

    Luxury cufflinks box in leather Luxurious case for a pair of cuff links which sets this accessory apart. It is closed with two hidden snap fasteners. .. Learn More
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  6. Cufflinks box

    Cufflinks box HB1015

    Wooden cufflinks box covered with lamb leather. Inside suede leather of same colour. Size closed : 80x80x4,5 cm. 
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