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  1. When travelling to foreign lands or simply commuting, the need for a sturdy bag, usually made in high quality leather, is felt. We usually turn to leather because of its ability to be resistant, yet brimming with elegance. Here, at Lucrin, we gave this some serious thought; we bring to you the gorgeous cabin bag and the 24h/48h bag for your long trips, handy messenger bags for the more practical and several other cases to meet all your needs. You will find our very comfortable bagpacks available in 3 different sizes among our array of products. Do not miss our bagpack-satchel, a unique product of Lucrin, which comes with adjustable suspenders. Those who prefer handbags will not be disappointed either. Finally, discover our extended range of fanny packs, worn around the belt or held by the shoulders, which are all within your reach in a wide variety of colours and materials to better suit your style.

  2. Large Backpack Large Backpack

    Large Backpack BG2017

    This leather backpack that will accompany you during all your travels. Large and round-shaped, this bag gives a pleasant feeling when carried since th.. Learn More
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  3. Small Backpack Small Backpack

    Small Backpack BG1073

    Small backpack in full-grain leather. It is very practical, and has several pockets: 1 front pocket with a gusset measuring 23x14x3 cm, a front pocket.. Learn More
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  4. Trendy Backpack Trendy Backpack

    Trendy Backpack BG1003

    Lucrin presents one of the favourites of the ladies in terms of bag: the leather Trendy Backpackstrong>. Made in the same authentic full-grain leather.. Learn More
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  5. Messenger bag Messenger bag

    Messenger bag BG1005

    Lucrin Messenger bag made of quality full grain leather. Inside: one pocket with zipper closure. Outside: one large open pocket on the front and a sil.. Learn More
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  6. Backpack and satchel Backpack and satchel

    Backpack and satchel BG1058

    Backpack and satchel Backpack with adjustable straps that can be arranged to create a multi-use briefcase. Two gusset compartments with zipper closure.. Learn More
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  7. Duffle bag Duffle bag

    Duffle bag BG1000

    Inside left and right side: a full-length zip pocket. This large bag with expendable sides, allows for extra packing space during your business trips .. Learn More
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  8. Travel Bag Travel Bag

    Travel Bag BG1031

    Leather Travel Bag Full grain calf leather finish. Extra large travel bag, very practical for lengthy trips. Made up of 2 side zip pockets, 1 zip pock.. Learn More
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  9. Cabin Bag Cabin Bag

    Cabin Bag FR2002

    This Cabin Bag is conceived with a great blend of comfort and design, while preserving a delicate touch of soberness and elegance. Quite generous in t.. Learn More
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  10. Half-Moon Bag Half-Moon Bag

    Half-Moon Bag FR2001

    A look bereft of accessories can turn out to be pretty exhaustive in a jiffy. A great idea to avoid this is to choose this wonderful travel bag, conce.. Learn More
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  11. Flat travel pocket Flat travel pocket

    Flat travel pocket BG1063

    Flat zipped travel pocket in premium quality leather with handle attachment fixed to the pocket by a metal catch. Closes with two-tone instant clasp. .. Learn More
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  12. Vintage Messenger bag for women Vintage Messenger bag for women

    Vintage Messenger bag for women BG2006

    Discover the Vintage Messenger Bag designed by Lucrin. With its sophisticated finish and its flap closure, this messenger bag made from real leather, .. Learn More
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  13. Belt Bag Belt Bag

    Belt Bag BG1001

    Discover the best-selling leather belt bag of Lucrin. Conceived in the finest leather, this bum bag is ideally worn when you go for a walk or for some.. Learn More
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  14. Shoulder Fanny Pack Shoulder Fanny Pack

    Shoulder Fanny Pack BG2013

    For stylish people, Lucrin offers this elegant shoulder bag in natural leather. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and can also be worn on the.. Learn More
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  15. Traditional Belt Bag Traditional Belt Bag

    Traditional Belt Bag BG1064

    Made in authentic first class leather, the traditional belt bag for men comprises of a gusset and wrist strap. During your daily life or your holiday/.. Learn More
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  16. Waist Pouch Waist Pouch

    Waist Pouch BG1020

    Waist pouch made in full grain leather. Inside : one flat pocket. The waist strap is adjustable. Flap closure with magnet. Size : 100x150x50 mm. Max... Learn More
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  17. Bag Holder Bag Holder

    Bag Holder HA1004

    This leather bag holder is a really useful accessory that allows you to hang up your handbag on the edge of a table. This table bag holder may be of g.. Learn More
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  18. Small Messenger Bag Small Messenger Bag

    Small Messenger Bag BG1038

    This small leather messenger bag is unisex and can be used for multiple purposes and occasions. Its relatively generous volume allows you to carry all.. Learn More
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