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For 3 pens

  1. For those who like to write or who own several luxury pens, Lucrin proposes a wonderful collection of leather cases for 3 pens. For the pencil users, there are also 3 models of leather cases for pencils – shipped with 3 Lucrin pencils. There is an interesting choice of closure styles and models (zipped, with flap, with knot and elastic) and all the linings are made with soft microfiber, which is bound to protect your favourite pens and pencils. Engrave the 3 pens holder with your initials for a unique accessory.

  2. Case for 3 pens

    Case for 3 pens OS1142 Express shipping

    Case for 3 pens Case for 3 standard pens in top quality natural leather Zip flap with loop. Ideal for protecting or carrying your pens Maximum diamete.. Learn More
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  3. Case for 3 large pens

    Case for 3 large pens OS1153

    Elegant all-leather case for 3 large pens maximum diameter 15 mm. loop closing. Dimensions closed: 10x15 cm Dimensions open: 10x 25.5 cm
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  4. Zipped Case for 3 Pens

    Zipped Case for 3 Pens OS1178

    Carefully crafted by our skilled artisans, this case for 3 pens is made with the best quality of leather. It is a gorgeous accessory which comprises o.. Learn More
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  5. Knot pen case for 3 pens

    Knot pen case for 3 pens OS2022

    This knot pen case is made from an elegant leather and lined with velvet.This exquisite case has 3 extendable pens carriers that allows you to carry .. Learn More
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  6. Case for 3 pencils

    Case for 3 pencils FR2020

    Made from genuine leather to suit your liking, this pencil case comes with 3 pencils signed Lucrin. This case will also nicely hold your pen (maximum .. Learn More
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