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  1. The leather is very trend for decorative objects and items related to the bottles. A luxurious and classic, our collection of wine racks, sub-bottles bottles and cases will delight

  2. Cellar Book

    Cellar Book OS1211

    Cellar Book:Cellar book for 77 vintage years, available in French only. This book enables you to organise your cellar efficiently, noting down all the.. Learn More
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  3. Round Bottle Coaster

    Round Bottle Coaster PM2010

    In order to protect the surface of your table while adding a touch of elegance during dinners, go for this simple yet beautiful round bottle coaster. .. Learn More
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  4. Set of 6 bottle coasters

    Set of 6 bottle coasters PM2008

    Set of 6 bottle coasters in premium quality leather. Upper side of bottle coasters in leather, underneath in microfibre to protect the most delicate t.. Learn More
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  5. Bottle Holder

    Bottle Holder HO2017

    This leather bottle holder will definitely impress your guests when welcoming them with some good wine or champagne. Bearing a cylindrical form, this .. Learn More
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  6. Holder for plastic water bottle

    Holder for plastic water bottle HO2018

    Having a mere plastic bottle on a party or meeting table will really bring down the overall feel of the event. What if we add some leather to that? Lu.. Learn More
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