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  1. In this catalogue of products, find Lucrin's selection of leather accessories comprising exclusively of storage items. We have the classic storage box, sheathed with the finest leather for keeping your most precious keepsakes. These boxes have such top-notch finishesh that they can be considered works of art. Our wastebaskets, available in various shapes, are absolutement fantastic and would undoubtedly add a luxurious edge to your interior decoration. Should you have magazines or newspapers making a mess, the magazine rack would take care of those. As for the cardboard tissue boxes being an eye-sore in your room, hide them inside the leather tissue box holder: they will fit right in in your office, bathroom or living room. Find the right combination of colour and material by browsing through Lucrin's unique collection, and decorate your interior with amazing luxury storage items.

  2. Rectangular Storage Box

    Rectangular Storage Box OS1171

    Whether the items you need to store are useful or not, or are used often or occasionally, it's always helpful to have a box for organizing them. T.. Learn More
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  3. Bookend

    Bookend OS1122

    Designed to hold books and magazines on shelves, this genuine leather bookend by Lucrin boasts of a clean cut execution and finish. This interior deco.. Learn More
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  4. Square Tissue Box Holder

    Square Tissue Box Holder OS1040 Deliver in 7-8 days

    Having chosen a beautiful and elegant decor to your home and office, you would certainly not wish to have a simple and almost dismal paper box for tis.. Learn More
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  5. Rectangular paper waste basket

    Rectangular paper waste basket OS1021 Deliver in 7-8 days

    Rectangular paper waste basket in full grain leather. Inside in leather.  Production : Handmade Size : 7.7 X 9.8 inches Height : 11.6 inches
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  6. CD case

    CD case PM1006

    Case in full grain leather for 24 CD Audio/DVD/CD-Rom. Zipper closure and lining with same coloringSize when closed: 150 x 164 x 40 mm
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  7. Square Storage Box

    Square Storage Box HO2008

    This storage box in square shape, made in genuine leather, will fit right on your office desk or at home while adding a hint of elegance to the room. .. Learn More
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  8. Single CD holder

    Single CD holder OS1027

    Single CD holder made in full grain leather. Size 13 x 13 cm. 
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  9. Tissue Box Cover

    Tissue Box Cover OS1029 Deliver in 7-8 days

    A rectangular cardboard tissue box isn't the most stylish item to display in the bathroom, home, or office. Lucrin offers this two piece natural l.. Learn More
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  10. Newspapers and magazines storage basket

    Newspapers and magazines storage basket OS1078

    The leather newspapers and magazines basket will be a perfect addition to your home or office decor. Made in genuine leather, it will resist the perpe.. Learn More
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  11. Round Wastebasket

    Round Wastebasket OS1119

    At home or at work, you always need a paper wastebasket on hand. In refined spaces, details make all the difference; this round wastebasket will compl.. Learn More
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  12. Laundry Tray

    Laundry Tray OS1102

    Leather laundry tray Highly practical and luxurious, this leather tray can be used to hold laundry. This kind of tray is used a great deal, particular.. Learn More
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  13. Holder for 8 CD

    Holder for 8 CD OS1055

    CD Case in full grain leather for 8 CD Audio/DVD/CD-Rom. Loop closure. Size when closed: 140 x 140 x 30 mm. CUSTOMIZABLE PRODUCT This article as all o.. Learn More
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  14. Oval paper waste basket

    Oval paper waste basket OS1054

    Oval paper waste basket in full grain leather. Inside in simili leatherSize closed : 7.7 X 9.8 inches Height : 11.6 inches
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  15. Magazine rack

    Magazine rack OS2014

    This magazine rack is an essential element among your storage tools for your office. Your table will no more be congested thanks to this very useful o.. Learn More
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  16. Tissue box holder

    Tissue box holder OS1230 Deliver in 7-8 days

    Having your tissues exposed in your living room or bathroom can get quite the eyesore. This rectangular tissue box holder by Lucrin is made in authent.. Learn More
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  17. Set round holders

    Set round holders PM1061

    Set of 2 miscellaneous round holders. Made in full grain leather. Diameter inside : 82 and 132 mm. Height inside : 80 and 100 mm.
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  18. Standard handkerchief case

    Standard handkerchief case PM1176

    Standard handkerchief case Leather case to protect 10 small paper tissues 7.5x5.5cm. Interior in imitation leather. Loop connector closure Closed dime.. Learn More
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  19. Magazine / newspaper basket

    Magazine / newspaper basket OS1053

    Round magazine and newspaper basket Made in full grain leather. Size : 195 X 350 mm Height : 300 mm
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