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Cigarette cases and cigar holders

  1. We are regularly reminded of the dangers of smoking. But, since we keep at it, better do it with class... Lucrin brings to you one of the widest and most complete array of cases for cigars and cigarettes. Whether you need a case for your e-cigarette, pouches, cigarettes holder or snuffboxes, you will find them all here made with the finest authentic leather. For those with an affinity for cigars, you may securely carry them in our rigid cases designed to carry up to 4 cigars. Furthermore, your coveted Monte Christo or Davidoff will stay clear of humidity inside these leather cigar holders.

  2. Standard cigarette holder

    Standard cigarette holder PM1070

    Standard cigarette box holder. Made in full grain leather. Flap closure. Size for the standard box : 55x90x25mm.
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  3. Tobacco holder

    Tobacco holder PM1067

    Tobacco leather holder. For standard tobacco packet and there is on epocket for rolling paper box (3.15 x 1.97 inches). Closure with 2 snap buttons Si.. Learn More
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  4. Large cigarette holder

    Large cigarette holder PM1071

    Standard cigarette box holder made in full grain leather. Flap closure. Size for the standard box : 85x100x18mm.
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  5. Case for electronic cigarettes

    Case for electronic cigarettes FC2000

    Should you happen to be looking for a practical yet elegant way to carry your electronic cigarette, then look no more. Lucrin's zippered leather case .. Learn More
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  6. Four Cigar Travel Case

    Four Cigar Travel Case FC1005

    This pliable natural leather case is beyond a doubt the most stylish way to transport your cigars. This luxury four cigar case rolls up and fastens wi.. Learn More
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  7. Single Cigar Case

    Single Cigar Case FC1001 Deliver in 7-8 days

    Planning an evening among friends that will include a fine after dinner cigar? If so, this individual cigar case is the essential accessory for you. W.. Learn More
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  8. Two Cigar Case

    Two Cigar Case FC1002 Deliver in 7-8 days

    Sharing a cigar with a friend is still a privilege. Offer your friend a cigar that you have already carefully stored in our two cigar case. This natur.. Learn More
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  9. Case for 1 electronic cigarette

    Case for 1 electronic cigarette FC2001

    Your electronic cigarette can now accompany you during your travels thanks to this elegant zipped case, made in authentic leather. Thanks to its inter.. Learn More
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  10. Three Cigar Case

    Three Cigar Case FC1003 Deliver in 7-8 days

    This cigar case is made for those who appreciate a truly fine cigar. This relatively compact three cigar case is crafted from 100% natural leather and.. Learn More
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  11. Four Cigar Case

    Four Cigar Case FC1004 Deliver in 7-8 days

    Going away for the weekend or a vacation? Then bring along your four favorite cigars in this beautiful luxury leather slotted case. Although it holds .. Learn More
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  12. Holder for 2 electronic cigarettes

    Holder for 2 electronic cigarettes FC2002

    This is a must-have accessory for the e-cigarette smokers! The leather holder for 2 electronic cigarettes is available in several colours to suit your.. Learn More
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